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Social Entrepreneurship Review (SER) (ISSN 2720-7277) is a peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary journal dedicated to serve as platform for academic debate on all issues relevant to social entrepreneurship including theoretical perspectives, cutting-edge research, and actionable solutions to identified problems of particular interest to policy makers, social entrepreneurs, managers, academics and researchers.

Social Entrepreneurship Review publishes research results on social entrepreneurship from a range of scholarly perspectives based on different methodological settings: qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods. The paper’s special interest is in theory-inflected work and broader empirical studies with particular emphasis on Central and Eastern Europe and emerging or transitioning countries. Theoretical and review papers are also welcome as they provide new insights or valuable comments advancing our knowledge about social entrepreneurship.

SER was previously published as "Ekonomia Społeczna/Social Economy" (ISSN: 2081-321X – printed version, eISSN: 1898-7435 – online version) by Malopolska School of Public Administration, Krakow University of Economics. The journal has been published since 2007. From 2007 to 2008, it was published quarterly, and since 2010, it has been published semi-annually.

ISSN: 2720-7277 – online version; DOI: 10.15678/SER.

Publishing policy: Open Access, licence: cc-by 4.0.

Frequency: 2 issues per year (June, December)

Access to archive issues is available for free via former website (In menu: All issues).

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Formerly published as Ekonomia Społeczna/Social Economy (ISSN: 2081-321X, eISSN: 1898-7435) between 2007 and 2020.

Publisher: Krakow University of Economics


CfP: Emerging Trends in Social Entrepreneurship and Social Economy


Invitation to submit papers to Special Issue "Emerging Trends in Social Entrepreneurship and Social Economy" about Decarbonization; Circular Economy and waste reduction; Short food chains and local food systems; Energy cooperatives and community-owned renewable energy; Arts and creative industries: Other Emerging Trends.

Submission deadline: October 31, 2023; Scheduled: Vol. 1/2024

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Current Issue

Vol. 3 (2023): Social Entrepreneurship Review
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Transformations in the contemporary business landscape: innovation, ethics and finance

Thematic issue edited by: Janusz Nesterak

Published: 2023-12-31
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